An Ordinary Magic, a Novel by Jason Thibeault

A novel set in a fictional Caribbean town

Discover an ordinary magic

A town under siege, a relationship torn apart, an evil come to destroy it all…and a son who can save it if he can only embrace the magic around him.

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“I recommend to your attention the remarkable first novel of Jason Thibeault, set in a fictional Caribbean isle, teeming with life, oddity, and magic…his work is of a quality which would cause him to adorn any bookshop…”

Thomas Keneally, author of Schindler’s List and The Daughters of Mars.

Welcome to a world of spirits and magic, a primal place of Voodoo, love, and family.

A new sorcerer has moved into La Croix, upsetting the balance of the other otherwise idyllic Caribbean fishing village. But Panon, the town’s priest, can’t afford to spend time figuring out who the man is. He needs to concentrate on his son Jaime who is spending more time in the capitol and more time not believing in magic. But Jaime has bigger plans in which magic doesn’t have a place—to get to the United States, to start a fresh life, to get out from underneath the thumb of his father and the life he represents. Only Jaime and Panon aren’t alone to sort out their differences. Soon after landing in La Croix, the new sorcerer sets into motion his own plans, bringing the father and son into his crosshairs, threatening the very town itself, and drawing Panon into a battle with the spirits, the walking dead, and a fantastical, magical world in an attempt to discover the only magic capable of freeing his son…and redeeming himself. An Ordinary Magic is a powerful work of literary fiction about identity, pride, love, and redemption.

The story of

Jason Thibeault

Jason has been a writer his entire life applying his skills as a technical marketer, journalist, and novelist.

Jason Thibeault was born in Westminster, CA. He is the author of the marketing thought leadership book, Recommend This! Delivering Digital Experiences People Want to Share (Wiley) and the middle-reader chapter series, Marmalade (Dime Novel Books). He received his B.A. in English, from the CampusWide Honors Program, from the University of California, Irvine and his M.A. in English, with distinction, from California State University, Northridge. He currently lives in Dallas, TX with his wife and three cats.

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